SuperEnduro is a speed event taking place in stadium-type facilities using enduro motorcycles on a track made with natural or artificial elements (earth, sand, etc.), on which are found various, mainly natural, “obstacles” (stones, tree trunks, stretches of water, etc.), similar to those that can be found on an enduro course.

The 2020/2021 edition of this Championship  kicks off on 1 April in Budapest (Hungary) with the first of 3 races. Prestige and Junior class rankings will be established on the basis of the overall rankings of the 3 Heats.

The classes for the categories PRESTIGE, JUNIOR are free but derived from the Classes C1, C2 and C3.

C1: From 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke. From 175cc to 250cc 4-stroke

C2: From 175cc to 250cc 2-stroke. From 290cc to 450cc 4-stroke

C3: From 290cc to 500cc 2-stroke. From 475cc to 650cc 4-stroke

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