The FIM Enduro World Championship was started in 1990, replacing the European Enduro Championship, which had been contested since 1968. The championship is run under the FIM and generally consists of eight Grands Prix spread around the globe on courses that are mostly off-road. These events are split into two days (and two different races), from which points towards the world championship are awarded. Each round includes a motocross test and an extreme test, in addition to the enduro test.

The FIM SuperEnduro World Championship is a series held primarily in Europe since 2007. It is held from December to March in circuits built inside stadiums or arenas, recreating obstacles such as rocks, boulders and logs. The series had its first season in 2007/08 under the name FIM Indoor Enduro World Cup. In 2010/11 it was renamed FIM Indoor Enduro World Championship and in 2011/12 it adopted its current designation.

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